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About Me

I was lucky enough to grow up in a place where nature was part of every day life. Where the street lights were a sign to head home before nightfall, and crickets and frogs were the lullaby of a rare and fortunate childhood. Bears and birds would frequent our back yard, and our garden was an oasis teaming with all manner of creatures moving along in time with our own lives. 


 Supporting ecosystems and habitats that are endangered is my vision and protecting wildlife and working with establishments that aid these directives is my goal.

 For years I have worked on commissions for others, series work of my own and have been lucky enough to spend my time with local artists who have been instrumental in my journey to where I am today.


Currently, I am President of the Penticton and District Community arts council, and I teach classes in after school arts programs with the SD67 School District. I teach one on one and group classes, and I am on my own journey of surrounding myself with as much vibrance and colour the world has to offer.

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